Missions 2017 Fund-Raising

Missions 2017 Fund-Raising

The Church at Asheville

Annual Missions Report


The Missions Advancement Team (MAT) added Melody Marshall as part of the team.

Missions Conference was held April 29, 2017.

Daniel & Elisa Gilbert, Pastors of Covenant Faith Church (KCAC), were our speakers this year. Our theme was Neighbors to Nations, Telling Your Story. There were about 20 people attending the all day conference.

Great Commission Coffee House became more popular in 2017 with Pete Hillman and Joe Bollinger creating phenomenal culinary creations for us each week. Our average per week jumped about $15!



Missions Dinners on three Sundays

Directory / Yearbook

Smiley’s Flea Market

Keys for Kenya

Air Vents Snacks

We saw more given to Missions in our offerings and great success in our fund-raisers surpassing our goal of raising $7,500.00.

We extended our support further than ever in 2017! Every time we reached out in faith we were met and blessed mightily by God.


There were six members on our short-term missions trip to Italy where we connected with ministry partners of Alisa (European Faith Ministries) in Rome, Milan, Biella, and Tourino. Prayer walks, prayer meetings, encouragement of ministry partners visiting ministries as well as connecting with new ministries and re-connecting with ministries that we already know. Our connection to Italy is strong and God has a plan for us as we walk forward with our Italian Brothers and Sisters together.


Reports from:

Paraklesis Ministries

European Faith Ministries

Connect Global

Through our Missions Program we extended our participation and giving in the following ministries.

Local Ministries

Covenant Faith Church (Gilberts)

Awake WNC

The Refuge House of Prayer

Filtering Our Blessings to the Asheville Homeless


Veterans’ Restoration Quarters

Christmas Angel

Walk with Compassion

Foreign Missions

Connect Global

Paraklesis Ministries

European Faith Missions

Stephen Musyimi – Kenya

Support to those within our church

Mark Gibbs of Paraklesis Ministries and his trips to India and Nepal.

Alisa Brown of European Faith Missions and her work in Europe

Short-term Missions Trips to

Italy – 6 team members

Kenya – Pastor Jed Douglas and George Bates

Other Giving

Texas Flooding

Texas Shooting / First Baptist Church

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Thank you for your support!

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