God is not done with me yet!

God is not done with me yet!

God is not done with me yet!

Today, I had a lovely conversation with a new friend and neighbor, Ms. Barbara of Bella Vista. She shared some of her testimonies and with her permission, I am passing them on.

Ms. Barbara is a native of Weaverville, NC. She has been a member of the Methodist church there for her entire life. She has been a Sunday school teacher in nearly every age group, and even as an octogenarian, still teaches the women’s class occasionally. As she pointed out, “people get tired of hearing the same person all the time, so it’s nice that four of us rotate…”

Sitting down with Ms. Barbara opened up a well of stories, but I will share one that is very recent. Just last year, after working in the yard for a while, she had come in and dozed off in her chair. Upon awakening, she stood to go into the kitchen. Her right leg suddenly gave out and she fell sideways onto her hardwood floor, striking her head against the door frame. Her hip was broken.

Ms. Barbara looked across the floor to where a small table sat on her rug and knew that she had to drag herself over to it to get her phone and call for help. She lived alone and though her doors were unlocked, no neighbors were close enough to hear her call out.

Pulling herself across the floor proved to be impossible though! Her leg felt like a heavy log that she simply couldn’t drag. She lays back and begins to pray. At this point, her body must be in significant pain, but her prayer is simply, “Lord, if it is time, I am ready to go. If You are done with me here, please send your Light to take me home.”

She told me today, “I have never had such a peace as I had laying on that floor!” Grinning at me, she added, “It makes me happy all over again just thinking about it!”

A friend down the road, who had tried to call in the night and again that morning, decided to pay her a visit when there was no answer. Ms. Barbara woke up on that floor at 10am the following day, as she came in, having lain there for nearly 24 hours. “When I woke up”, she said, “I knew God wasn’t done with me yet!”

Ms. Barbara shared this beautiful testimony with Pastor Shekinah recently and she wanted to share this with each of you!



  1. Beautiful! Barbara is a sweet lady who loves Jesus. It is a privilege to know her.

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