Going on a missions trip . . .

Going on a missions trip . . .

Going on a missions trip affords you many opportunities, experiences and emotions.

This year going to Milan as a member of a mission support team provided all of this.

Before even leaving on the trip there is the soul searching of can God use me and what on earth will I be able to offer?

This year going as a mission support team was definitely a new experience.

Being the personality type I am, I kept thinking what kind of support are we going to be able to offer, and why would it be important to travel this far to let them know we are praying for them.

It was refreshing to see the missionaries on the field were really encouraged that we would take the time and effort to support them.

I can now see how important it is to let the missionaries know without a shadow of doubt they are being supported in love and prayer. It can become very easy to get caught up in the belief and traditions of the culture you are serving and lose site of the God you are serving. Having like-minded believers come along side of you and provide encouragement that you are doing God’s will and it is valued can be invaluable.

As a member of the support team it was also encouraging to see that the body of Christ both here and in Italy are united in spirit. As much as we went to Italy to support them they were eager to provide that prayer support to us also.

We were often physically, emotionally and spiritually taxed, but we can say without any doubt that God was in the midst and His will accomplished. Each encounter being divinely appointed.

Bridget King



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