Honduras Missions Trip

Honduras Missions Trip

On June 9, ten of our church family members leave for La Ceiba, Honduras to minister for a week, returning on June 16.

While we are in Honduras we will have the opportunity to be God’s hands, feet, and lips to those we meet. From pregnant women about to give birth to new moms whose babies are still in the hospital so they have no choice but to sleep on the floor in the hospital hallway. No other option is currently available. But help is on the way! Connect Global, the missions organization we partner with on our trips to Honduras has a maternity home planned for these women. The fundraising is over half way to the goal but another $76,000.00 is needed to make this home a reality.

We will be taking much needed Enfamil for these new moms to use for their newborn; along with a gift to remind them that they are loved. Sister Bridget was able to acquire pre-natal meds from her work place for us to give to the hospital as well. Enfamil and medications are in very short supply in Honduras. God blessed us by these meds being donated for this trip!!!

Sister Bridget was also able to have Hydroxyurea donated. This is the medication for those suffering from sickle cell anemia. Without this, they have to endure horrible pain. Our God is so good to allow us to be able to take this. We know of at least two people that suffer from sickle cell. They live in Cusuna, the small community on the coast of Honduras that is hours away on rough back roads. Jorge, the National Director for Connect Global, will be able to take this medication along with some basic Ibuprofen and Tylenol to Cusuna for us after we leave.

We will also have the opportunity to minister to kids at the Little Lamb school, as well as two orphanages; Casa Cielo which means Heaven’s Home and Casa Feliz which means Happy House. Being able to talk with these children, and the workers who staff each place, will be a very special time for us. We will be able to pray with them and give them each a small gift. Many of these children have grown up with little to nothing, some never knowing their own parents. So any opportunity we can have to show God’s love to them and allow them to experience that love will be treasured moments.

Please keep our missions team in prayer as we prepare for this trip and during the trip from June 9 – 16. So you know who is going on this trip, team members please stand as I read your name.

The team members are, Janice Cox, Alisa Brown (who will come back from Europe to be part of this trip), Janine Anderson, Mindy Rodgers, Brenda Brandon, Bridget King, Melody Marshall, Marley Riddle, Pastor Shekinah, and Kevin Schwartz.

We have more information on how you can help at a display in the Foyer. You can assist through cash donations or stopping by the store and picking up the items listed at the display. We need all money or items donated turned in by Sunday, May 27.

Thank you so much church family!


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