Business Prayer Monday


One day a member of our church was talking about how stressful it was at work.  There was so much to get done and everyone seemed to be a bit on edge, from the owners of the business right on through the leadership and staff.  I wanted to pray for that person, their co-workers and the entire business!  But I also thought that they needed a little encouragement to know help is on the way from the King of Kings!

Our Missions Advancement Team agreed that it would be a wonderful idea to lift up one business on Monday of each week.  Along with praying for that business as a Team, we would reach out to our entire congregation and ask them to pray as well!  Now, for that last little bit of encouragement, we send a note along with a person in that company to post on their bulletin board for that day that we are lifting each of them up in prayer that day.

To some it may not seem like much.  To those who know the awesome power of our God … they know that these businesses, their leadership, and their staff are being lifted up to the very throne of God.

He will intercede on their behalf!