Filtering Our Blessings to the Asheville Homeless

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Meet Tess

I was honored to be asked to write my story for our church, but I must say a bit aprehensive.  Because overall a bit of my story is sad -true- but if that is all that is seen 95% of the joy has been missed.  By the young age of 22 I had given birth to two children, one who was born with an abnormality called Hydroencephalitis and needed a high level of support and the other who had passed away at birth.  My daughters needs and my sons’s death brought me to my knees, I floundered for awhile in and out of permanant housing until I finally ended up in NC.  I struggled with the question “where is God when my children and I needed him most?’  That was until I ended up at this church, and the healing process began.  I remember hearing a song lyric “it may be unfulfilled, it may be unrestored, but anything that’s shattered thats laid before the Lord will not be unredeemed”.  It was that promise that changed my prayers. I told Jesus “here is the hurt and disillusion, now you redeem it”.  And he did, in ways I couldnt even begin to explain.  It was then that I began my ministry, my own special way of filtering my blessings to those who need them the most.

My ministries purpose is to work with people who are experiencing homelessness on a spiritual level while providing for their physical needs such as food, clothing and friendship. I have a passion to serve and bless the local communities around us.  I work to effect and engage with the differing communities that they are located in, while we also pull together to engage with our city’s social issues and with those who perhaps may need extra support, such as the disabled and the people who are experiencing homelessness.

Tess and LeeAnn

Tess Williams, LeeAnn Willams, Filtering Our Blessings to the Asheville Homeless, Ministry

Not Lost . . .

I am not lost scarf - Filtering Our Blessings to the Asheville Homeless - Tess Williams - Local Ministry

I currently work with:


With the help of our church we serve our local homeless veterans by preparing and serving meals, providing friendship and spreading the love of Jesus.

I pass on clothing and necessities to our mothers and children who are experiencing homelessness.  We have provided photography services thru Glorious Day Photography by Mindy.

Buncombe County Special Olympics :

I serve on various commitees supporting our neurodiverse community.  I am a past Cheerleading coach and currently help coach our Swim team.  I also work on fundraising, Spring Games, and publicity Commitees so our program can continue to grow and support our athletes.

Finally I serve our people experiencing homelessness directly by bringing sandwiches and drinks to them in prichard park.  My daughter and I try to place scarfs and gloves out when the weather is cold or ponchos durin our rainy times.  I also love to see the moments of joy when they see that someone cares about them on the most basic level.  For the past few months I have had the blessing to tutor a young mother who is trying to get her GED.  Basiclly, I am trying to follow the path that Jesus has given me, and leave his love in my footsteps.

If you would like to help you can join in our efforts the first friday of each month or the first Saturday of the odd months at the Veterans Restoration Quarters.  If you have a desire to help our neurodiverse community you can volunteer with the Special Olympics by coaching, or serving on our various commities.  Also if you have some unused clothing or blankets I would be happy to take them to our people who are experiencing homelessness.  I can always use fleece to make scarfs, deli meat, waters and bread for our homeless people.  But the most important thing you can do to help is pray, pray for our people who are experiencing homelessness, pray for our agencies trying to help them and pray for my efforts.