Hope Never Dyes

Hope Never Dyes is a ministry created by Carmen Maples in honor of her son, Aaron Langford, that reaches out to those struggling with addiction as well as purchasing supplies for addiction ministries.

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In February of 2016, my world came to a crashing halt. My son of 23 years, Aaron, died from a heroin overdose. Aaron had so much that lie ahead of him…college, a career, a family…and time with his family. All of that was cut short by an addiction that started with prescription medication. Over the last year, I have walked a dark and lonely journey…wanting to do something to help others who may also be walking this path. From my experiences, I have learned that addiction is something that affects more families than many people know. Out of my son’s struggle and my grief, I have found something that brings me comfort…making tie dye. Aaron LOVED tie dye, and he wore it ALL the time! So to honor my son and his memory I decided to make tie dye shirts. As my love for making tie dye grew, I began to develop a passion for using it for a greater good. That’s where Hope Never Dyes comes in…

Hope Never Dyes is focused on helping those who are in treatment and need support. Because treatment for addiction is so very expensive, there are many that struggle to find help, and as a result, often don’t get the support they need. So, in honor of my son, the families watching their child struggle with addiction, and for those who work to provide support for minimal monetary support, Hope Never Dyes will take the proceeds earned to purchase supplies for these facilities.

Aaron with Carmen and Taylor
Aaron with Carmen and Taylor
Aaron in the Mountains

Aaron loving his dog

Aaron with his grandparents, Richard and Barbara Brown

Aaron with his cousins, Jeremy and Zach.
samples of the tie dyed t-shirts