If you’re on this page then your interested but want to learn more.  That’s great!  If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact the Missions Director or any of the Missions Advancement Team to get some answers.

The Missions Advancement Team members assist with all aspects of our Missions Program.  For additional details, see below.

Those interested in serving on the mission field in either a short-term trip or in full-time missions should start by reviewing the information on this page and then setting an appointment to speak with the Missions Director if you are interested in going to the foreign missions field.

Download basics of what Missions means at The Church at Asheville

The Missions Advancement Team (MAT) members serve three year terms and assist making recommendations for all aspects of The Church at Asheville’s Missions Program.  This involves:

  • Communicating with missionaries.
  • Passing on mission’s prayer requests to the church body.
  • Communicating the importance of the Great Commission to all age groups within the church.
  • Organizing and scheduling missions events such as the Annual Missions Conference.
  • Organizing and assisting with Missions Fund-Raisers.
  • Making recommendations to the Pastor on Missions including short and long term missions support.
Download the Primary Focus of the Missions Advancement TeamDownload the Responsibilities of the Missions Advancement Team

Qualifications of MAT members:

  • Desire to fulfill the Great Commission
  • Faithful in church attendance
  • Faithful in prayer and reading the Word
  • Faithful in tithing and offering
  • Willing to attend all MAT meetings
  • Willing to serve three year term
  • Willing to assist with all events and fund-raisers

If you are interested in serving on this team, see the Missions Director for more information.

Once you’ve spoken to the Missions Director download and fill out the MAT application.

Download the Missions Advancement Team Application


Bible Study

Wednesday, Fellowship Hall – The Church at Asheville

Sunday Morning Prayer

Sunday, The Church at Asheville

Bible Study

Wednesday, Fellowship Hall – The Church at Asheville


Short-term mission trips can be rewarding and life-changing; however, they can also be stressful.  Please consider factors in your personal life at this time that may distract and prohibit you from fully committing to the mission of the trip and adapting to unusual conditions.

More will be coming soon about short-term missions.

Look for a future update on additional information as well as the short-term application.

Not Available - Download Short-Term Missions Application


History has demonstrated that full-time missionaries can impact entire nations.

Our church recognizes the need for the body of Christ to work together when it comes to supporting missionaries.

Additional detail will be added to this section to explain how The Church at Asheville is involved with and supporting full-time missionaries.


Thank you for your patience while we update the information on our website.

Not Available - Download Full-Time Missions ApplicationNot Available - Download Full-Time Missions Support Application