Missions Update – February 2019

Missions Update - February 2019

I believe it is a unique time in the Kingdom of God and that we are all here for such a time as this. The great harvest of the Lord is upon us and now is the time to reach out with our voices throughout the world. From our individual communities to the farthest points around the globe, God will provide opportunities for us to tell of His mercy and grace. It is a time to reach out with love and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love the fact that we are starting with two short-term missions trips to Honduras this year. Our ministry partner, Connect Global, has identified an incredible vision which pulls all of their ministries and ministry connections together toward one goal. The vision to build and create a Missions School that will train Hondurans for the Mission Field. The Honduran churches are rallying around this vision and will be the ones that direct the school once it is a reality. Hondurans realize that it is time for them to train and send missionaries throughout the world also, but with a focus toward Muslims.

This offers great prospects for us within MAJC to partner with Connect Global and the Church in Honduras to further the Kingdom by training Honduras to go beyond their border to fulfill the Great Commission.

Other opportunities include the vision in Nepal to create a training center to train the future leaders for the Church within their country. Nepal has less than 1% of its population that is Christian. The need within Nepal is great but walking into the ministry there resembles walking into the book of Acts! Chandra, the father of our ministry partner in Nepal, became a Christian about 20 years ago. He knew he needed to spread the Gospel but realized that he couldn’t do it alone. He began to disciple converts. Today, several of those converts that he took under his wing spiritually are Pastors of churches and discipling the next generation of church leaders.

When asked what they needed, the Pastors of the Nepalese churches, often voiced the following three needs:

  1. Prayer
  2. Encouragement
  3. Help

Working with the Church in Nepal toward the vision of a training center will meet their greatest needs and set the stage for great revival and harvest of souls within Nepal!

We invite you to attend the Open Our Eyes Missions Conference on March 23, 2019. For more information, click here.


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