Building a Great Commission Church means what!?

The following classes are taught from the Go To Nations workbook called ‘Global Pathway A Believer’s Guide to Building a Great Commission Church”. We were first introduced to this when we sent a short-term missions team to Honduras with Connect Global and helped teach it to the Garifuna people through an incredible interpreter. As we witnessed the birthing of missions in this unique people it drove home the fact that we needed to be more organized for our church to have a missional attitude.

We invited Javier & Danielle Mendoza (along with their daughter Saige!) of Connect Global to teach this same concept to our church in our first Missions Conference. We didn’t wait for them to arrive to begin following the steps in the book and so our Missions Advancement Team was very involved with organizing and running the Conference.

This book literally walks you through the process of creating an organized missions progam within your church. If you already have a missions program, it will definitely provide both a renewed focus and tips on how to be better and being a missional church. The participants are all actively involved in the classes and are able to apply what they learn immediately.

Having an experienced missions partner to teach the book to our church was a huge added bonus for us. Not only did we gain from their experience but their love of Jesus and his command to go into all the world is infectious. If you are interested in using this book to create a missions program or enhance the program you already have, reach out to the Mendoza family to see if they can assist you as well!

We have a video of each class but it is not professionally done. It will give you a good idea of the what this book entails. I hope it enspires you to be more missional in your every day life and to help spread the news that we are all called to be part of the Great Commission.

My thanks to Toni Singleton for editing and posting these videos for us!!

Introduction and Empower the Pastor / Part 1

Introduction to Building a Great Commission Church, facts about global missions, and facts the Pastor should know about missions and running a missions program.

What it means that all Christians are responsible for the Great Commission.

Envision the Core/ PART 2

What core group in the Church will lead the Missions Program? This group will take ownership of leading the vision to create a more missional attitude in your church. They will help the rest of the Church to understand what a Great Commission Church is like.

Establish a Plan/ PART 3

Putting the Missions Team into action. This includes and assists with developing a written Missions Plan. Understanding the need for a Missions Plan and getting started with the plan.

Launch the Congregation/ PART 4

Creating and implementing a strategy to get the entire congregation involved from the nursery to the seniors. The importance of an annual Missions Conference and the details of how to organize and what to include in the conference. Implementing Missions Sundays and maintaining momentum of your missional perspective.

Implementation Process/ PART 5

The steps to follow in implementing all the necessary aspects of developing a Great Commission Church that is successful and engaged.


2016 Missions Conference
The Church at Asheville
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by Javier  & Danielle Mendoza
Co-Founders Connect Global
(material from Global Pathway from Go To Nations)

Go To Nations
Global Pathway
Building a Great Commission Church

Toni Singleton
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