I'M TOO ________________ (fill in the blank) TO TELL ANYONE MY STORY!

When it comes to telling others our story of how we met Jesus; we often feel too scared, inadequate, nervous, unprepared, unworthy, or a host of other reasons why we can’t do it.  A lot of us point to our Pastors and say, “Let them tell you about Jesus, they’re the professionals.”  We might even invite someone to church but never tell them the reason that we go ourselves.

We invited Dan & Elisa Gilbert (Kingdom Crusaders Ministry) to speak to us for our annual Missions Conference geared toward teaching each of us how to tell our stories to others and why we should do it.

You will hear Dan explain that usually it’s only Christians that go to church and inviting people over and over again, seldom works.  Rather, ministry happens in the marketplace (in our every day experiences); which is why it is a perfect time for Christians to speak up and make a difference.

The Great Commission wasn’t given only to people in full time ministry, it was given to the Church – to each one of us.  Over the years and centuries we have given this responsibility to a few people in the church.  What impact would we, as the Church, make if we tell others our story each day as we go about our normal day?  Instead of a few pastors and missionaries charged to witness, all of us could be doing this!

This is very exciting to think about but I’m sure you may still be nervous.  Get a pad and pen so you can take notes, watch the series, and learn how you can be personally involved in the Great Commission without even changing your schedule.

We have a video of each class but it is not professionally done.  I hope it inspires you to be more missional in your every day life and to help spread the news that we are all called to be part of the Great Commission.

My thanks to Mike Cramp for editing and posting these videos for us!!

Prophets and Their Stories / Part 1

Pastor Dan teaches us the stories of Jonah and Joseph revealing astonishing revelations about them and how they show us how to better tell our story.

Reasons Not to Tell Your Story and First Look at Your Story / PART 2

In this video, Dan and Elisa break down the reasons why people don’t witness and begin to walk us through putting our stories together.

Moving Your Story into Inspiration / PART 3

Here we find how to incorporate the gospel (relationship with God) into our stories.

Who Does the Telling and Who Does the Saving? / PART 4

Panel Discussion Q&A

Attendees ask our panel questions that clarify things that are keeping them from telling their stories.  This is an incredible time with some very relevant questions and some very Godly wisdom.

What's My Story - Role Play Time / PART 5

We broke into small groups giving everyone the opportunity to tell their story to others.  Providing occasion for us to finalize our story and practice it in a low stress environment.

There is a lot of talking going on in the room and it can be a little difficult to hear but ignoring the background noise there are some beautiful personal moments.

Wrapping Up The Day & Praise Time! / PART 6

Pastor Dan takes a few minutes to wrap up the day adding some more detail to what he has covered.

We finish the day with praise – a great time of worshiping the Lord and enjoying His presence.


2017 Missions Conference
The Church at Asheville
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by Dan & Elisa Gilbert
Local Pastors, Restoration Trainers

Mike Cramp
Video Editing

TCAA Missions Conference 2017
Neighbors to Nations, Telling Your Story

Speakers: Daniel & Elisa Gilbert Bio
Daniel Gilbert began his ministry while in High School under the Mantle Covering of his pastor and father James L. Gilbert. He was ordained at a young age after entering full time ministry shortly after graduation. Since Pastoring his first church in MS at 20 years old he says, “during the last four decades God has proved His Amazing Grace”.

Since saying “I do” in 1989, Elisa Gilbert is truly the consummate Covenant Faith Partner. She was ordained to the ministry in 2016. The Gilbert’s have been senior pastors in OK, TX, and now pastor in Asheville, NC. They have been associate pastors and ministry staff in churches in WY and TN.

As strong advocates for restoration the Gilbert’s maintain the “market place” is the most fertile soil for the seeds of the Word of God to be sown.