New Kitchen Table, Sink, and Stove for Comedor Jesu Cristo

New Kitchen Table, Sink, and Stove for Comedor Jesu Cristo

Pastor Freddie, that runs the church and feeding shelter, has an amazing 24/7 ministry. Part of the ministry includes feeding homeless folks three times a day.

We had the opportunity to help prepare and serve a meal while a couple from our team (including Marley Riddle) gave their testimony. While we were helping we couldn’t help but see the condition of the stove, the sink and sink table, and the table on which they cut chicken and other foods. The first two (stove and sink area) were metal but literally falling apart and creating a hazardous area for the volunteers. The cutting table was wood and broken in spots creating a breeding ground for food poisoning.

We can’t blame them it’s all they had to work with. We felt we needed to help so we provided the funds to build new equipment. These are brand new stainless steel tables that will help keep them safe and healthy!

While we were there, we were able to purchase new knives and cutting boards for them as well!

Thank you to all who helped make this happen!

May God continue to richly bless this ministry!


Old Sink Area

Brenda cutting chicken on old wooden table

Pastor Freddie


Marley giving his testimony

Chicken and Vegetable Soup

New Stainless Steel Stove

New Stainless Steel Sink and Table

New Stainless Steel Cutting Table






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