Pastor Shekinah Schwartz

The Church at Asheville

Shekinah was born in Monroe, Louisiana, but since 1989, has found Asheville, North Carolina to be the home where her heart is.  She has had a lifelong Christian education in the Word of God, and has a passion for sharing the Grace of God.  At 12 years of age, Shekinah first felt her call to ministry, and was fully ordained in 2007.  She was elected to the TCAA Board of Elders in 2008, became Assistant Pastor in 2010, and raised to Pastor in 2015.

In 1999, she married Kevin D. Schwartz of Berne, Indiana, and he has continually been her “better half”.  Kevin has served on the Board of Elders since 1998 and as a trustee of TCAA since 2000.  He is the Director of Media and also heads up the TCAA Missions Team.

Shekinah and Kevin share two cats, seven godchildren, untold quantities of nieces and nephews, an unparalleled fondness of delicious food, and love for the city of Asheville.  Their hearts’ desire is to serve God, both home and abroad, with everything that is within them.

Pastor Shekinah Schwartz

Meet Pastor Shekinah